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Data Centre Installations


As a manufacturer and distributor of innovative solutions, we’re at the forefront of promoting energy efficiency within the data centre. The company offers cutting edge cooling optimisation (CoolControl), power distribution and monitoring solutions which improve the resource efficiency and reliability of the data centre.


We specialise in services and product solutions designed to considerably boost the reliability, energy and resource efficiency of the data centre. One of our core expertise lies in airflow and cooling optimisation for all room, rack and raised floor areas in the data centre regardless of facility size. We develop and manufacture innovative and purely mechanical applications that provide essential support for data centre and facility managers to significantly increase cooling efficiency and lower energy costs in their data centres.

Our range of smart solutions for data centre cooling optimisation includes:

  • Data centre cooling assessments
  • Hot and cold aisle containment for both new and retro-fit applications.
  • Blanking panels to seal open horizontal and vertical rack space
  • Sealing solutions for the raised floor
  • Airflow baffles to guide airflow under the raised floor
  • Perforated floor tiles for efficient airflow from the raised floor to all rack levels
  • Environmental monitoring solutions


Our portfolio in this field spans IP-based, serially supported or wire-free radio solutions to monitor power consumption and environmental parameters in the data centre at room, rack, PDU and IT device level. By using these solutions and tools, you have access to all power parameters, energy consumption readings and PUE reports in real-time and at your fingertips. In addition to power monitoring, environmental monitoring adds temperature, humidity, air pressure, airflow and many more data sets to your data centre overview. We also offer comprehensive management systems that give you an overview of all power and environmental data in your data centre at a glance.

Our range of smart solutions for data centre monitoring and energy management includes:

  • Wire-free power monitoring at room, rack, IT device level
  • Wire-free circuit monitoring for switchgear and PDU panels
  • Wire-free environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity, differential pressure)
  • Wire-free leak detection at rack and IT device level
  • Comprehensive leak detection for the whole data centre
  • DCIM for power and environmental monitoring


In mission critical data centre environments the reliability and availability of the IT hardware are the pillars of success. Modular, scalable and redundant power distribution is essential in achieving Tier I to IV classification. In this field we provide comprehensive power solutions to optimise resources, energy usage and efficiency in the data centre whilst ensuring reliable and flexible power supply at room, rack and IT equipment level.

Our range of smart solutions for data centre power distribution includes:

  • Busbar systems for mission critical power distribution
  • Intelligent PDU strips for active IT devices at rack level
  • Custom designed PDU strips to meet all power requirements
  • Automatic transfer switches (1, 2, 3 or more port versions) to add fail-safe power

to any IT component

  • Dual sided locking power cables to reliably secure all power and device connections


Our data centre infrastructure solution und essentials offerings include products and solutions that facilitate the setup, installation, configuration and commissioning of data centre environments. In addition these essential tools will make your day to day work in the data centre safer and more efficient.

Our range of smart data centre essentials and infrastructure solutions includes:

  • Load-bearing ceiling system as an alternative strategy to raised floors in data centres
  • Modular raised floor systems
  • Transport and lifting solutions for moving and installing heavy IT-equipment
  • Rack access control with retrofittable locking-system for rack doors
  • Micro data centres for edge and further on-demand DC infrastructures