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Energy and Carbon Management Solutions

Energy and Carbon Managment Objective: Through risk and data management, secure the best purchasing terms for clients, improve the efficiency of their energy and water usage, provide consultative generation solutions, and ensure they are always compliant and ahead of changing legislation.

What do we do?

– Secure the best energy purchase terms for clients at the lowest possible price, listing a mutually agreed long term risk management strategy.
– Reduce energy and water consumption through optimised strategic planning and maintenance and embedded control systems to ensure continued improvement.
– Through retrospective forensic analysis and ongoing bill validation we ensure that any over charge is fully recovered for our clients.
– Ensure clients comply now and in the future with government regulations, particularly those relating to carbon emissions and remove the burden of complex compliance reporting.
– Through the effective use of technology managing multiple data channels and providing dynamic intelligence to clients.
– Guiding clients through micro generation opportunities that improve their corporate responsibility standing and exceed their return on investment requirements.
– Work in partnership with their clients forming aligned objectives and deliverables.

The effectiveness of this system is shown by the outstanding loyalty of our clients, allowing us to boast a 97% client retention rate.

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